Smart Cara

SmartCARA will make the world a healthier and a more sustainable place to live in for the current and future generation by converting ‘Food Waste into Food Resources.’ This revolutionary product will majorly contribute to the United Arab Emirates and the country's long term vision.

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About SET & Smart CARA

Sustainable Environmental Technologies is the leading company for creative technology, focused on organic waste reduction.

SMART CARA is the waste disposal system that saves time, energy, and space by reducing food waste into dried powder, allowing for the sanitary, odourless long term storage of food waste.

Food waste that contains moisture is completely dehydrated and pulverized into a powder that is 1/10th of the original mass. The resulting waste is easily disposed of once a month.

SET combines advanced modern technology and simplicity dedicated to cutting-edge solutions in the fields of consumer products and sustainability.

Environment & Health

Household food waste (HFW) receives considerable attention worldwide due to the environmental, economic and social impacts it generates.

SmartCARA SET accepts all types of food waste including: chicken bones, mango seeds, fish bones, fruits and vegetables.

Please Note: The device will automatically stop and notify the consumer if any unnoticeable non-organic material enters the device (i.e. spoons, metals, plastic, wood)

PCS350 is the prestige SmartCARA solution that includes an essential‘Smart Voice Feature’

How it Works

1. Food Waste Is Crushed And Dried Using High-Heat Cross Sectional Multi- Rolling System In Conjunction With Air-Circulation
The efficiency is maximized through heating methods. The internal impellers circulate and condensation will be generated due to moisture. Outside air is brought in to increase drying.

2. Strong Crushing Power With Minimum Noise
The grinding blades are sharp, eliminating a large amount of noise. The blunt force of the 3-piece impeller is strong enough to crush chicken bones, generates almost no noise.

3. Auto Shutdown Once Drying Is Confirmed Through an Intelligent Energy Saving System
Drying time is automatically adjusted to the amount of waste inserted. Saving energy by reducing unnecessary drying time. Biomass (residue) can be used as a high nutrient 'Organic Fertilizer.'

4. Self-Cleaning Technique – Once The Operating Cycle Is Complete, Refill The Bucket With Water And Press The Self-Cleaning Button 
Cleaning time is automatically adjusted according to the amount of waste within the bucket. Reject water is then thrown out and the bucket is completely clean! Self-cleaning mechanism also cleans the inner filter.

Power Saving Features: 
One Cycle operation electricity consumption: 1kWh.
Average monthly electricity: 5 AED
*based on UAE national average 10 fils per kWh

Simple Four Step Process

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