Spring Break doesn’t always mean you have to travel around the world; sometimes, we’d rather create our own vacation by having a laid-back, less complex vacation. There are tons of ways to make your break worthwhile without the stress of packing and booking your ticket. The secret? Remove the home monotony and get a full vacation mode with our tips of what to do for staycations. Trust us, you’ll be going back to work/school with the same fresh aura.

Learn Something New Whether it’s Mexican, Japanese or Italian, take the time off to travel the world at home by learning new languages or cooking traditional recipes around the globe with the help of these books. Anyway, home is always where the good food is, right?

Make Time for you Bring out the candles, close the curtains, ask Alexa to play you soothing music and give your complexion the attention it needs. These selection of must-haves won’t let you down by making you feel like you’re in Thailand experiencing their iconic Thai Spa, we promise!

Movie and Game Nights Catch up with the latest movie releases or re-watch your old time favorites at home comfortably and packed with all the snacks you need. Oh! Not sure about movie night? We’d like to reintroduce a lost concept: Game Night! Pick your color or choose your team because friendly night competitions are back, baby!

Do a soul-search TBH, there’s no way we can get out of the travel envy this Eid; we’re all going to fall for it somehow especially when your Instagram is full of #instaworthy shots of your friends, family and some people you randomly follow at the top of the N Seoul Tower in South Korea while you’re at home..but wait? you’re in UAE! – visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah or all the emirates if you want yourself up and running or simply want to do a mini soul-searching. Get these road trip essentials and be ready to explore.

Check out what’s happening around the city UAE is a city with a lot of events happening at the same time; this Spring, if you’re not up for a road trip, you can always check where most people are and what they’re doing.

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